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Michael Bay’s AMBULANCE Trailer Boasts Top-notch Action

Set to hit theatres on April 8, the Michael Bay-directed and Jake Gyllenhaal starrer AMBULANCE has a new trailer with an extended look that captures the vibe shared by the lead characters. The trailer guarantees an action-packed ride with loads of shootouts, explosions, and insane chase scenes.  The film follows a decorated veteran Will Sharp […]

'6 Underground' – Netflix Movie Review – Loud, Insane & Hysterical

Michael Bay’s action thriller ‘6 Underground’ starring Ryan Reynolds is probably the film you would never like to watch in theatre, as this has more negatives than positives. The makers have realized the fact and made this available on Netflix eager to offer this to a wider audience. ‘6 Underground’ follows an unnamed American tech […]

‘The Island’ (2005) – A Decent Sci-Fi Flick

‘The Island’ is a simple plot-driven sci-fi thriller but with quite a few ethical questions that remained unanswered till the end. Director Michael Bay’s idea of bringing in the near future with much-advanced developments in stem cell research and cloning of humans was quite predictable yet entertaining in its own way. Many critics have panned […]

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