Month: July 2019

The Son (El Hijo) – A Compelling & Disturbing Psychological Thriller

Directed by Sebastián Schindel, Netflix’s Argentinian psychological thriller “The Son” (original title El Hijo) follows 50-year-old painter Lorenzo’s life who is trying to rebuild his life after harassed times. As he becomes an anxious father to a newborn, his Norwegian wife, Sigrid becomes obsessive to isolate him from their infant son. The disturbing scenario in […]

The Hunt – Blumhouse Thriller

UPDATE (February 12, 2020): Blumhouse’s Satirical Thriller “The Hunt” Releases on March 13. The release of Blumhouse Productions’ action thriller ‘The Hunt’ has been officially canceled and there is no future release date available in the Universal Studios’ release calendar. However, some still believe that an international release via streaming service is still a possibility. […]

Netflix Original “Typewriter”: A Fascinating Horror Series

With “Typewriter”, writer-director Sujoy Ghosh, known for films like Kahaani (2012), Ahalya (2015), Kahaani 2 (2016), and Badla (2019) has now delved into Netflix horror series. While he is indeed great in storytelling, visualization, and engaging narration in thrillers, this time his attempt in the horror genre is indeed praiseworthy. In a television interview, while […]

‘Virus’ – No Disaster Can Defeat Us

The Malayalam-language thriller ‘Virus’ is based on real events during the 2018 Nipah virus outbreak in the tiny south Indian state of Kerala that claimed 17 lives. The story is primarily set in the city of Kozhikode, where the first case was reported. Directed by Aashiq Abu (known for films like Salt N’ Pepper, 22 […]

El Pacto (The Pact) – A Deal With The Devil

Directed by David Victori 2018-released Spanish psychological thriller “El Pacto” (The Pact) begins with a promising idea in which individuals make a deal with the devil to save their loved ones but in return, they will have to pay a heavy price. The suspenseful film follows Monica (played by Belen Rueda) who as a loving […]

Netflix’s “Secret Obsession” – Predictable & Unimaginative

Netflix’s new psychological thriller “Secret Obsession”, directed by Peter Sullivan, is one of those films that try too hard to justify the genre but could not, as it becomes predictable with no surprises. The film, starring Brenda Song, Mike Vogel, and Dennis Haysbert, follows a young woman Jennifer (Song) trying to escape an unseen attacker, […]

Top Gun: Maverick returns to the skies [New TRAILER]

UPDATE (20/12/2019): Let’s watch the NEW trailer for Top Gun: Maverick starring Tom Cruise – In theatres June 26, 2020. This is the second trailer while the previous one released back in July 2019. After more than thirty years of service as one of the Navy’s top aviators, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) is where […]

Peppermint – Jennifer Garner in this cliché-filled action thriller

“Taken” director Pierre Morel’s “Peppermint” is one of those films for which you expect it to be a good one for its key character, played by Jennifer Garner, but it ends up disappointing you. The action-thriller doesn’t interest you at all with anything original but the cliché-stuffed story and routine action scenes. Also, a women-centric […]

“Paradise Hills” Trailer: A female-centric fantasy drama

The movie trailer of Director Alice Waddington’s feature film debut “Paradise Hills” is just dropped, and it looks great. The fact that a woman filmmaker brings in that many numbers of female characters in a strong woman-centric topic, makes it even more appealing. What we have learned from the trailer is that “Paradise Hills” is […]

Netflix’s ‘Point Blank’ (2019) – A Pointless Remake

Netflix’s ‘Point Blank’ is a remake of the 2010-released French film À bout portant but has nothing noticeable to call it a gritty action-thriller. Marvel movie stars Anthony Mackie and Frank Grillo play key roles in this film, along-side Oscar-winner Marcia Gay Harden. The plotline of the films looks simple and apt for an action […]

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