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The Hunt – Blumhouse Thriller

UPDATE (February 12, 2020): Blumhouse’s Satirical Thriller “The Hunt” Releases on March 13. The release of Blumhouse Productions’ action thriller ‘The Hunt’ has been officially canceled and there is no future release date available in the Universal Studios’ release calendar. However, some still believe that an international release via streaming service is still a possibility. […]

“Paradise Hills” Trailer: A female-centric fantasy drama

The movie trailer of Director Alice Waddington’s feature film debut “Paradise Hills” is just dropped, and it looks great. The fact that a woman filmmaker brings in that many numbers of female characters in a strong woman-centric topic, makes it even more appealing. What we have learned from the trailer is that “Paradise Hills” is […]

The Art of Getting By (2011) – A Sweet Romcom Drama

“The Art of Getting By” is truly a nice and sweet flick with a different kind of treat – about a restless teen who is clueless about his life and sees everything as meaningless for some reason, on the front – bad parenting or richly neglected self. Well, here one can see quite a few […]

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