The Art of Getting By (2011) – A Sweet Romcom Drama

The Art of Getting By (2011)

“The Art of Getting By” is truly a nice and sweet flick with a different kind of treat – about a restless teen who is clueless about his life and sees everything as meaningless for some reason, on the front – bad parenting or richly neglected self.

Well, here one can see quite a few neglected things by writer-director Gavin Wiesen’s execution, including those quirky yet dull dialogues.

Nevertheless, I wonder why this movie has been reviewed so badly by almost all top reviewers. We got to see this whole story from a different angle and not just as a teen romantic drama.

The best thing, of course, is its lead characters played by Freddie Highmore and Emma Roberts. Freddie’s acting talent we all have noticed in some of his earliest movies like Finding Neverland (2004) and A Good Year (2006), but this one is different. As a grown-up kid, he had to show more maturity to the role he plays here.

It’s the acting with some of the teen special wittiest and sweetest moments which may keep you watch it till the end. Nevertheless, it’s not that boring to give a bad review, unlike others.

Moreover, “The Art of Getting By” is a nice debut feature film from the director Gavin Wiesen that surely appeals to teens.

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The Art of Getting By – Watch the Trailer

Written & Directed by Gavin Wiesen
Cast: Freddie Highmore – (as George Zinavoy), Emma Roberts – (as Sally Howe), Michael Angarano – (as Dustin), Elizabeth Reaser – (as Charlotte Howe), Sam Robards – (as Jack Sargent)
Cinematography: Ben Kutchins
Release date: June 17, 2011

Where to watch The Art of Getting By (2011)
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