‘Love in India’ (2009) – A Film by Director ‘Q’


When a filmmaker doesn’t hesitate to expose his/her personal life before the camera, you can only expect justice to what he or she eyes for. This documentary “Love in India” shows the grim reality and deep-rooted conservative character in Indian society when we talk about sex.

“Love in India” depicts the irony of Indian people that we prefer to talk about our love and sex life on air with an unknown like LOVE GURU, but society doesn’t give us the liberty to be open and vocal about sex. Strange it may sound, but India which taught the whole world ‘sex’ with the book of Kamsutra, doesn’t even have a healthy discussion on the inclusion of sex (rather sex-related topics) in education.

“Love in India” – Watch the Movie Trailer

Indie filmmaker/director Qaushiq Mukherjee (better known as ‘Q’) brings facts from our culture, religion, and present social life to demystify the significance of sex in age-old Indian culture. Nevertheless, this bold film on love and erotica has won a National Award (On Family Values).

Written and directed by ‘Q’ [Qaushiq/Kaushik Mukherjee] “Love in India” is a documentary film, based on a search for the roots of romance and the eternal flame of love.

It is a passionate look at the way passion is perceived in India by taking a look at Indian culture. While it is a personal film, designed with fragments of the romance between the filmmaker and his girlfriend, the film then picks facts from India’s traditions and their contradictions.

Old or new? Love or sex? Love in India is a volatile story of confusion, dichotomy, and revelation. A story of repressed moral values in a country with a timeless tradition of spiritual sexuality. The film is a search for the roots of romance and the eternal orgasm.

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