Mammootty’s Much-Anticipated Film “Turbo”

Mammootty's Much-Anticipated Film "Turbo"

Here’s the official trailer for “Turbo,” directed by Vysakh and starring Mammootty. Following the norms of South Indian films with full-fledged entertainment value, this action-packed spectacular from the Malayalam film industry promises to be an exhilarating blend of adrenaline-pumping action and rib-tickling humor.

From the glimpses of the trailer and what we have read so far, in “Turbo,” Mammootty portrays the formidable Jose, dubbed Turbo Jose for his exceptional combat skills. However, his dominance is threatened when he crosses paths with another powerful figure, played by the talented Raj B Shetty. What follows is a confrontation of an epic proportion, which will leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

“Turbo” is set to offer a thrilling ride with action, humor, and emotion, as we generally expect in most of the big-budget South Indian cinema with larger-than-life characters. Be it an emotional storyline, its elaborate and thrilling action sequences, mass hero moments, vibrant music and dance, or even comedy and dark humor, the films of this part of the world promise a cinematic experience full of entertainment and captivation from start to finish.

“Turbo” is scheduled to be released in cinemas on 23 May 2024

Directed by Vysakh
Written by Midhun Manuel Thomas
Produced by Mammootty
Starring: Mammootty, Sunil, Anjana Jayaprakash, Raj B. Shetty, Kabir Duhan Singh, Johny Antony, Dileesh Pothan.
Cinematography: Vishnu Sarma
Edited by Shameer Muhammed
Music by Christo Xavier
Release date: 23 May 2024

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