KARAKASA (2023): Beware the Umbrella You Dare Not Unfurl

KARAKASA (2023): Beware the Umbrella You Dare Not Unfurl

Beware the umbrella you dare not unfurl… Japanese horror film KARAKASA (2023) brings a chilling tale of a killer umbrella taking flight!

Ayaka, who lives with roommates, finds herself stranded in the rain while waiting for her boyfriend. Seeking refuge, she stumbles upon a discarded umbrella, unintentionally entangled in a terrible mystery. Little does she realize that this seemingly benign object has a dark history.

Drawing inspiration from a traditional Japanese yokai legend, the film “KARAKASA” wins the Occult Award, bestowed by a dedicated YouTube channel digging into the realms of the occult.

Watch the trailer of KARAKASA

“KARAKASA” is a part of the JAPANESE FILM FESTIVAL ONLINE 2024, starting on June 5–19 for 23 films, and on June 19–July 3 for 2 TV drama series. A total of up to 25 works can be streamed for free in 27 countries and regions.

Movie Title: KARAKASA|傘カラカサ(2023)
Director: YAMAMOTO Kenji
Genre: Horror
Country: Japan

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