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“Paradise Hills” Trailer: A female-centric fantasy drama

The movie trailer of Director Alice Waddington’s feature film debut “Paradise Hills” is just dropped, and it looks great. The fact that a woman filmmaker brings in that many numbers of female characters in a strong woman-centric topic, makes it even more appealing. What we have learned from the trailer is that “Paradise Hills” is […]

Shock and Awe (2018) | Movie Trailer & More

Rob Reiner‘s Shock and Awe is going to show the minority side of America which believed that George Bush’s planned invasion of Iraq was indeed a mistake even before it happened. While most of the American media was swayed by the government rhetoric about the existence of “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq, there are […]

‘The Fourth Kind’ (2009) – Misleading, Not So Impressive

‘The Fourth Kind,’ which was released in 2009, explores one of the most discussed but unsolved phenomena—the existence of aliens—as well as alien invasions into our world. This horror/sci-fi movie claims to be based on actual incidents occurring in Nome, Alaska in 2000 and attempts to link locals going missing there to alien abductions. The […]

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