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For those of us who’re still hopeful that Tom Hardy’s Venom movie franchise has the potential to become a successful one, then we have something to look forward to. However, moviegoers must wait until September 24 when VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE will eventually hit theatres. As the title suggests, the film is going to […]

Woody Harrelson joins Netflix’s assassin thriller KATE

Netflix’s upcoming assassin thriller KATE has just drawn yet another prolific actor Woody Harrelson to play a key role in the film. The three-time Oscar nominee will star alongside Mary Elizabeth Winstead in this female-lead action film. As per the latest press statement of Netflix, the story is written by Umair Aleem and the film […]

THE DUEL (2016) – Harrelson Shines As An Evil Preacher

Woody Harrelson in company with Liam Hemsworth shines in this Kieran Darcy-Smith-directed Western-like drama THE DUEL. A revenge thriller sort, the film has not been a critics’ favorite, but the performance of Harrelson as a cult leader has been praiseworthy. In 1846 the United States engaged in a bloody war with Mexico over the newly […]

Shock and Awe (2018) | Movie Trailer & More

Rob Reiner‘s Shock and Awe is going to show the minority side of America which believed that George Bush’s planned invasion of Iraq was indeed a mistake even before it happened. While most of the American media was swayed by the government rhetoric about the existence of “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq, there are […]

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