Netflix Original “Typewriter”: A Fascinating Horror Series

Netflix Original "Typewriter": A Fascinating Horror Series

With “Typewriter”, writer-director Sujoy Ghosh, known for films like Kahaani (2012), Ahalya (2015), Kahaani 2 (2016), and Badla (2019) has now delved into Netflix horror series. While he is indeed great in storytelling, visualization, and engaging narration in thrillers, this time his attempt in the horror genre is indeed praiseworthy.

In a television interview, while referring to “The Famous Five and Tin-Tin and similar works, Ghosh said:

“We always wanted to relive our childhood and do things which we could not do when we were growing up. We always wanted to go on an adventure, like going into a cave or lighthouse. But those things were not available. So, this was one opportunity to live it again, and we wanted children to save the world.”

So, “Typewriter” is one of those kid-friendly horror series that everyone can watch. Well, kids can watch as there are none of those horror clichés. Almost nowhere do we find a jump scare; the scenes are story-driven and hence the situation and the character make it terrifying.

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Here is the trailer for Sujoy Ghosh’s Netflix horror series “Typewriter”

Interestingly, the five-part series begins with a borrowed idea from a horror short story (later turned into a short film Tuck Me In)  by Juan J Ruiz where a father tucking his son into bed and the little one complaining about a monster under it.

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Here in “Typewriter”, the story is based in 1983 in Bardez Villa, Goa. And the little one here is young Jenny who complains to her grandfather that there is someone under her bed. The next moment, the story moves to the present day where Jenny is all grown up, married, and has her kids.

So, years later when she moves into the old mansion – that already has given us an idea that it might be haunted – there is something bound to happen. From here, the horror story shapes very well with the haunted villa, multiple interesting characters, mysterious tales, a few smart kids who have formed a ghost club, a dog, and of course, a cursed typewriter.

Netflix Original "Typewriter": A Fascinating Horror Series
Netflix horror series “Typewriter” cast led by Palomi Ghosh

While Jenny is the central character, three spirited kids who are in search of a ghost in the haunted house are the real stars of the story. They have read a book written by the original owner of the house, Jenny’s grandfather Madhav Matthews (Kanwaljit Singh), and are so willing to go ghost hunting. However, their plans go downhill when they see the new family moving into the mansion.

From “Typewriter” we get the vibes of The Famous Five novels and also the Stranger Things series. Well, the director has accepted the influence but has very successfully created a story with an interesting narrative, mixing myths into a classic haunted house tale. It is apt to mention that Ghosh’s vision has been well-supported by an incredible cast.

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In a time, where there are numerous movies and lengthy TV/Web shows available almost every month, a story of this sort would attract many. Sujoy Ghosh has very intelligently created a captivating series and has also left scope for more to come. Yes, the climax of “Typewriter” at least suggests so.

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