The Man Without Gravity – Ordinary Life of a Boy with Superhuman Skills

The Man Without Gravity – Ordinary Life of a Boy with Superhuman Skills

Italian drama L’uomo senza gravità (English title: ‘The Man Without Gravity’) is an amazing piece of storytelling by writer-director Marco Bonfanti. The film follows a newly born baby boy Oscar who is light as a balloon and floats weightlessly in the air, setting the tone for a magical tale.

Yes, the boy Oscar is raised by his single mother and grandmother inside the home for almost his entire childhood. While at first, his mother wanted him to introduce to the world, his overprotective grandmother realizes the danger the kid might face, if exposed to the outside world.

So, the gravity-defying boy lives a reclusive life until one day when he is tempted enough to venture out and reveal his true self in a television show. From there, he becomes instantly famous but soon realizes the cost of name and fame. Oscar sees the downside of his magical skills and longs to come back to his ordinary life.

‘The Man Without Gravity’ is emotional with a heartfelt message to each one of us who are blinded either by money, fame, or an extraordinary life with power and skills. It shows how we end up losing our freedom or the soul of being an ordinary man i.e. more valuable to lead a peaceful life.

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The film is not about the superhuman skills of a boy or a man, it is about the relationship, friendship, and the downside of being a celebrity or someone in public life. It also in a sense, touches upon the importance to find ways to live with peace, even with miraculous power or with challenges of being different from others.

“The Man Without Gravity” – Italian Fantasy Film (Netflix)

“The Man Without Gravity” starts with an impressive scene when we see the birth of Oscar; where right out of the womb, he floats in the air even with the umbilical cord attached to his mom’s womb. However, beyond that, the film never tries to go fantastical, but rather brings the topic more along the lines of the reality of the present world.

The film is more human with reality than superhuman with fiction. So, it appeals to the core and the whole transition of the timeline, although with sudden jumps, the whole experience and the progression of the story seem justified.

The film, in the end, underlines ordinary humans and how our choices eventually make our lives better or worse. Above all, being human and our feelings and longing for family, friends and human connection makes everything different and asks us to be grounded.

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Starring: Elio Germano, Michela Cescon, Elena Cotta, Silvia D’Amico, Vincent Scarito
Director: Marco Bonfanti
Genres: Italian Movies, Dramas
Release Year/Date: November 1, 2019
Streaming Platform: Netflix

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