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‘The Ruthless’ – Italian Crime Drama (Stream it on Netflix)

Loosely based on the book Manager calibro 9 by Pietro Colaprico and Luca Fazzo, the Italian French crime drama “The Ruthless” (Italian: Lo spietato) is inspired by the real-life story of mafia boss Saverio Morabito who was active in the 1990s and later became a police informant. Written and directed by Renato De Maria, the […]

The Man Without Gravity – Ordinary Life of a Boy with Superhuman Skills

Italian drama L’uomo senza gravità (English title: ‘The Man Without Gravity’) is an amazing piece of storytelling by writer-director Marco Bonfanti. The film follows a newly born baby boy Oscar who is light as a balloon and floats weightlessly in the air, setting the tone for a magical tale. Yes, the boy Oscar is raised […]

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