Love at First Sight (Short Thriller Starring Sayani Gupta)

Love at First Sight – Thriller Short Film

Directed by Manuja Tyagi, ‘Love at First Sight’ is an excellent short thriller depicting the struggle of a young aspiring actress in a metropolitan city like Mumbai.

The film has a simple plot, yet the storyline keeps the suspense alive till the end. It is very much relatable as it gives us an insight into the suburban life for girls, and how in India – the safety and security of women have always been a concern.

Nevertheless, ‘Love at First Sight’ starts with the introduction of 27-year-old Diskha, who goes on a night out at a friend’s place. There she encounters her ex which brings her into some mixed emotions.

She, however, meets another guy at the party, who offers to drop her at home. With that, a day that was already not quite ordinary suddenly pushes her into more unimaginable situations.

Undoubtedly, this 15-minute-long movie could not have been better. With an amazing cast, the director successfully picked up something that is common and disturbing in today’s metropolis.

Moreover, with a very careful narration with enough elements of distraction, ‘Love at First Sight,’ brings the right amount of shock and suspense. In the end, the lesson is how to become more alert about our surroundings and why we cannot take everything for granted in our lives.

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Where to watch ‘Love at First Sight’?

The film is available for viewing on JIO CINEMA (if you’re a Jio Phone Subscriber):

Cast: Sayani Gupta, Priyanshu Painyuli, Durgesh Kumar, Sunny Kaushal
Director: Manuja Tyagi
Genre: Crime
Language: Hindi
Released Year/Date: 2017

Do watch Sayani Gupta’s Netflix film ‘Axone’, depicting prejudice in Indian society and bringing the question of racism in India.

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