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“Detour” highlights the significance of finding joy in the ordinary

In her engaging short film “Detour,” Sumi Mathai tells the story of two strangers who find comfort in one another’s company while riding in a cab together. As Aarav and Nimisha, respectively, Vikrant Massey and Sayani Gupta give captivating performances in the film. As the movie progresses, we see Nimisha getting into an UberPool taxi […]

‘Axone’ Movie Review: A Story on Being Treated as an ‘Outsider’ in Your Country

Netflix India drama ‘Axone’ (pronounced akhuni) is an honest depiction of the everyday struggle of North East people living in Delhi. While it can be any other Indian metros where some people consider migrants as outsiders and treat them badly because they are different (in terms of looks, language, and culture), we in general conveniently […]

Love at First Sight (Short Thriller Starring Sayani Gupta)

Directed by Manuja Tyagi, ‘Love at First Sight’ is an excellent short thriller depicting the struggle of a young aspiring actress in a metropolitan city like Mumbai. The film has a simple plot, yet the storyline keeps the suspense alive till the end. It is very much relatable as it gives us an insight into […]

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