“Detour” highlights the significance of finding joy in the ordinary

“Detour” highlights the significance of finding joy in the mundane

In her engaging short film “Detour,” Sumi Mathai tells the story of two strangers who find comfort in one another’s company while riding in a cab together. As Aarav and Nimisha, respectively, Vikrant Massey and Sayani Gupta give captivating performances in the film.

As the movie progresses, we see Nimisha getting into an UberPool taxi after a long and demanding day at work. Soon after, she strikes up a conversation with Aarav, who happens to be her fellow passenger. Their conversations cover everything from their preferences in musical styles to their outlooks on life, and as time goes on, a bond between them starts to take shape.

The film’s beauty lies in emphasizing the insignificant moments in life that we frequently overlook. The script by Mathai emphasizes how important it is to find happiness in the ordinary and to value the basic things in our surroundings. Furthermore, the chemistry between Massey and Gupta enhances the film’s charm and makes it a joy to watch from beginning to end.

“Detour” serves as a reminder of the value of random encounters and how they can enliven our lives in a world where we are always rushing towards our big accomplishments.

The actors’ performances bring the characters to life, and Mathai’s direction perfectly captures the essence of the narrative. Whoever wants to see the beauty of human connections should definitely watch “Detour.”

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‘Detour’ is currently available on Disney Plus Hotstar, or you may watch it on Pocket Films’ YouTube channel. 

Cast & Crew

Writer/Director: Sumi Mathai
Actors: Sayani Gupta, Vikrant Massey
Music: Achal Yadav
Sound: Ankur Chaudhary
Editor: Anadi Athaley
Cinematographer: Omkar Divekar

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