‘Spotless’ – A Short Film About an Acid Attack Survivor

Spotless – A Short Film About an Acid Attack Survivor

The short film ‘Spotless’, starring acclaimed Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam, follows a very sensitive issue by bringing the topic of acid attack victims and their sufferings throughout their lives while they try to come to terms with such horrific incidents.

While ‘Spotless’ does not dive deep into the physical sufferings of the victim or the social stigma and much-needed fast-track prosecution and punishment, it certainly depicts the spirit of acid attack survivors.

The film in its storyline tries to show how love heals all kinds of scars and how we need to be sensitive enough to understand the social stigma attached to the sufferings of the victim.

‘Spotless’ – Short Film – Synopsis

The story revolves around the emotional struggle of an acid attack victim, Aditi, and her husband, Varun. While on one hand, Aditi tries to let go of the past and face the ugly reality, her husband Varun tries to bring comfort and help her come to terms with the change in her appearance. Somewhere deep down inside Varun is also filled with angst for the man who has turned their lives upside down.

Here is the movie ‘Spotless’ streaming on YouTube

Sad realities of this horrific crime in India

There are a few sad realities we are facing today that includes the struggle and sufferings of acid attack victims. The way we and our system treat disfigured and scarred victims of acid attacks are cruel and ugly. One question we can ask ourselves and probably pose the same to the government is: “Have we done enough to ease the pain of the victims or bring down the number of such cases?”

Recently, one of the Hindi film industry’s finest actresses Deepika Padukone tries to bring the debate forward with a mainstream film titled “Chhapaak” (the film industry had done nothing until now). She portrays the character Laxmi Agarwal [Wiki] – a survivor and a campaigner for the rights of acid attack victims.

For the victims, there is a long struggle with pain, trauma, cold-hearted society, and sluggish judicial system, and more. This is a horrifying menace that is increasing day by day in many developing countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

While a few non-government organizations are active in aiding the victims at different stages, we as a system are failing the acid attack survivors. As shown in the short film ‘Spotless’, we as a society and human beings can certainly do better in showing our love towards the victim, acknowledging their struggle and suffering.

‘Spotless’ Movie Credits

Cast: Sonu Nigam, Shweta Rohira, RK Gaurav
Writer & Director: Saurabh M. Pandey
Country: India
Language: English, Hindi
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 9 mins 10 secs

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