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SITA (Short Film): A moving portrayal of caste & gender inequality

SITA is a 19-minute short film written and directed by Abhinav Singh that stars Shriya Pilgaonkar and child actor Om Kanojiya. With its moving story, the film examines the caste system and female foeticide in Indian society. It addresses the long-standing practice of casteism and how it is deeply ingrained in Indian culture and society. […]

‘Cops and Robbers’ – A Provocative Lyrical Animated Short

Netflix library has a few good shorts films and the two of the recent ones which will definitely catch everyone’s attention are: If Anything Happens I Love You and Cops and Robbers. While these are truly great in creativity, the messages they eventually pass, addressing two key social issues, make these even more special. Directed […]

Kibwe Tavares’ Short, JONAH, Starring Daniel Kaluuya

JONAH, a visually stunning live-action-animation short film starring Daniel Kaluuya, tells a thought-provoking story about man, nature, conflict, and how they are actually drifting apart. JONAH introduces us to two young men Mbwana and his best friend Juma who lives in a small island town in Zanzibar. Bored of their usual life, they dream big […]

“The OceanMaker” – An Incredible Piece of Visual Storytelling

It is never too late to catch a quality film as it brings the beautiful world of a filmmaker’s vision, creativity, and eventually leaves you amazed. Yes, recently – I watched the 2015-released animated short “The OceanMaker”, and I can say that this film is an incredible piece of visual storytelling. With a runtime of […]

‘BLIND’ in 2019 Filminute Film Festival

Indian filmmaker Abishek Swain’s one-minute film ‘BLIND’ is at its creative best while conveying the message of water conservation. The film is one of the selected 25 films from 18 countries vying for awards from both the jury and the worldwide audience at the Filminute Film Festival. Voting is now open as Filminute is inviting […]

Love at First Sight (Short Thriller Starring Sayani Gupta)

Directed by Manuja Tyagi, ‘Love at First Sight’ is an excellent short thriller depicting the struggle of a young aspiring actress in a metropolitan city like Mumbai. The film has a simple plot, yet the storyline keeps the suspense alive till the end. It is very much relatable as it gives us an insight into […]

One Small Step (2018) – An Award-Winning Animated Short

“One Small Step” is an amazing animated short film of just seven minutes runtime that has captured a child’s emotion, imagination, and dreams. No, this short film is not produced by any of the big animation studios like Disney or Pixar, yet the film pulls us to something that is at par with any popular […]

‘Weekends’ – A Hand-Drawn Animated Short Film

Directed by Canadian filmmaker Trevor Jimenez, who is also working in Pixar, Weekends follows a young boy who shuffles between the homes of his recently divorced parents. Set the 1980’s Toronto, the film is a hand-drawn animated film. The film is animated and presented in such a way that it brings out emotions and the […]

‘The Thing in the Corner’ (2007) – Short Film

I just watched this very good horror short film The Thing in the Corner on YouTube that follows a young lady named Paula in a mental hospital who tries to convince the doctor that she sees monsters. The plot itself catches our attention pushing for both supernatural and psychological possibilities. When it comes to horror shorts, the […]

Short Film Review “The Missing Hand” (2016)

I remember one of my high school days, when me and few of my friends, while playing cricket – adjacent to a watercourse – found the burial of a dead body whose hands and one leg were clearly visible above the ground. That was terrifying for us and I never went close to the river […]

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