‘The Thing in the Corner’ (2007) – Short Film

I just watched this very good horror short film The Thing in the Corner on YouTube that follows a young lady named Paula in a mental hospital who tries to convince the doctor that she sees monsters. The plot itself catches our attention pushing for both supernatural and psychological possibilities.

When it comes to horror shorts, the film should be engaging or thrilling in content no matter how short it is. The Thing in the Corner is very short, yet it prompts you to visualize things.

While the concept of seeing ghostly elements or experiencing paranormal activities are considered as some kind of psychological phenomenon, the film here very beautifully explores this prospect.

Even though you kind of know what’s going to happen in the end, the film builds up your excitement to see the ghost. Ultimately you don’t see any monster as they are not visible to everyone, as said by Paula.

‘The Thing in the Corner’ – Storyline

The Thing in the Corner is about Paula who is in a mental institution and who claims that she sees monsters everywhere. Her doctor tries to counsel her that monsters are not real, and if they are real why cannot he see any.

Paula tries to reason that she can prove by passing her ability on to the doctor. But upon seeing them, he should not react. If he reacts then the monster is going to kill him. Paula then holds the doctor’s hand and pass on her ability to see monsters.

For a short film of just 3 mins and 30 secs, the idea and the execution is very good. The Thing in the Corner looks more like any part of a feature film. It certainly could have been developed as a feature-length movie – like the recent one ‘Lights Out’.

Watch the film ‘The Thing in the Corner’ on YouTube

Director: Matthew Stedman
Writer: Matthew Stedman
Cast: April Wade, Jacques Freydont, Derek King

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