Month: July 2017

Trapped (2017) – A very unlikely Bollywood thriller

Trapped follows a young man Shaurya, who has just fallen in love with a girl and plans to marry her before she agrees for an arranged marriage. However, he finds himself in a peculiar situation where he accidentally locks himself up in his new rented apartment in an isolated Mumbai high-rise. To make the matter […]

First Kill (2017) – Bruce Willis as a corrupt cop

Bruce Willis and Hayden Christensen starrer action thriller First Kill follows a Wall Street broker Will who takes his son Danny on a hunting trip in order to reconnect with his son. Their trip takes a wrong turn when they encounter a man getting shot by another one. In the moment of confusion to figure […]

Darkest Hour (TRAILER), Gary Oldman as Churchill

Focus Features and Joe Wright bring this thrilling and inspiring true story that is based on a crucial chapter in the beginning of World War II. Winston Churchill, soon after becoming the British Prime Minister faces the dilemma to either appease the Nazi Germany or stand against them. It was a critical time for the […]

Feed (2017) – A film on eating disorder Anorexia

The movie Feed narrates the life of 18-year-old twins Olivia (Troian Bellisario) and Matthew Grey (Tom Felton) born in a world privileges and always under high expectations from parents. The film tries to show their bonding and how it becomes difficult for Olivia to lead her life when her brother dies in a car accident. […]

The Circle (2017) – Privacy is a temporary thing

Based on Dave Eggers’ 2013 novel, the film The Circle follows a young woman who joins her dream job at a powerful tech firm named The Circle, but only to find out how the company’s technology, rather the agendas are affecting the lives of many people. The film starts by introducing Mae (Emma Watson) who […]

2:22 – A Psychological Drama on Patterns, Repetition

The story of the psychological drama 2:22 leads an interesting concept of repetition of events and the patterns that let those happen. In the recent past, we have watched movies that involve the concept of time repeating itself or time-loop that has been fascinating. At the same time, other ideas like the question between destiny, […]

The Promise – A harrowing tale on Armenian genocide

Director Terry George (Hotel Rwanda) directs this historical drama The Promise – set against the backdrop of Armenian genocide. The film however leads the story with a love triangle between an Armenian medical student, a Paris-based American journalist, and Armenian-born woman raised in France. The Promise has an incredible cast where Oscar Isaac plays Armenian […]

A Death in the Gunj – Movie Review

A Death in the Gunj is a very beautiful movie written and directed by well-known Bollywood actress Konkona Sensharma. The film gives you the feel of an old art-house film or the new-age indie films in which the makers have tried to present everything realistic, and as expected this is actually inspired by some true […]

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