“The OceanMaker” – An Incredible Piece of Visual Storytelling

"The OceanMaker" – An Incredible Piece of Visual Storytelling

It is never too late to catch a quality film as it brings the beautiful world of a filmmaker’s vision, creativity, and eventually leaves you amazed. Yes, recently – I watched the 2015-released animated short “The OceanMaker”, and I can say that this film is an incredible piece of visual storytelling.

With a runtime of just 9 minutes, the film holds our attention from the very first moment, as it narrates a story that is laced with an intriguing science fiction set up, action in terms of intense aerial dogfights, and of course an important message for water conservation. That is not all for its success, “The OceanMaker” takes us through a journey with captivating animation and the gorgeous imagery of dryland that is so realistic.

What’s in the story of “The OceanMaker”

The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where seas have turned deserts and earth seems to be an inhospitable place. However, there is still a group of people in search of water not from land, but from the sky by extracting water from the last remaining clouds.

The vicious sky pirates are in their job to outwit others in collecting waters from the clouds. Meanwhile, a brave female pilot is trying her best to make the clouds burst with water; hence the reference of rain maker or ocean maker. But she must face the wrath of those pirates.

Here is the YouTube link for you to watch “The OceanMaker”

“The OceanMaker” has great action and stunning visuals to tell a tale that is emotional with a powerful message. I am sure the creator Lucas Martell and the team have done a wonderful job in focusing only on the visuals. Yes, the film has no dialogues. Nevertheless, those shots of the dried-up ocean are indeed terrifying, and there is a good amount of detailing to make this imaginative world and characters realistic.

If you would like to explore more about the filmmakers involved and what went into making the film “The OceanMaker”, or their upcoming projects, please visit their official website: mightycoconut.com.

“The OceanMaker” Movie Still © Mighty Coconut

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