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“VOYAGER” – Triggers Our Curiosity on First Contact with Aliens

We all have been fascinated by the mysteries of outer space and the possibilities of life on any distant planet. Screenwriter-director Kjersti Helen Rasmussen’s “VOYAGER” is a beautiful short film that furthers the idea that we are not alone in the universe. While this has been the subject in many other feature-length movies, this Norwegian […]

David Lea’s Sci-Fi Short Film “On Sunday”

Released back in 2016, writer-director David Lea’s award-winning live-action sci-fi short film “On Sunday” is a wonderful film that takes our imagination to a whole new level. The short film follows an old man and his dog as they take their routine walk to the isolated clifftops of the deepest Cornwall. What could be just […]

Roy Huang’s Sci-Fi Short Film: “EVA”

Sci-fi short “EVA”, directed by Roy Huang, is a realistic take on the climate change and drinking water crisis that has pushed humanity to an uncertain future. The story here is a reminder of the future uncertainty and the present time when water is traded as a community and when not everyone has access to […]

‘If Anything Happens I Love You’ – A tearjerker, a masterpiece in storytelling

The Netflix animated short film If Anything Happens I Love You is an extremely emotional tale of two parents who are coping with the loss of their daughter. However, the film is even more touching as it reveals the story in reverse chronology highlighting the increasing number of cases of gun violence in America. Released […]

‘THIS TIME AWAY’ – A Short Film by Magali Barbe

Here is an interesting sci-fi drama short ‘THIS TIME AWAY’, featuring Timothy Spall and Jessica Ellerby, streaming on the DUST channel. The film had a great run in the festival circle with several international selections and was eligible for both Academy Awards and Bafta 2020. Directed by Magali Barbe, the film follows an elderly man, […]

SAVE ME – Short Film Highlights the Devastating Reality of Wildlife Poaching

Iranian writer-director Mohsen Nabavi’s 2017 short film SAVE ME establishes the fact that how we have destroyed wildlife and how we must all be sensitive enough to preserve nature and protect wildlife. The film very beautifully tries to bring our attention by making us both the hunter and the prey. There is indeed no better […]

‘Descent’ (Short) – Powerful Visual Metaphor in Depicting Depression & Anxiety

With ‘Descent’, director Helen Takkin brings this visually creative take on mental health issues, especially depression and anxiety. The short film very beautifully uses the metaphor of ‘drowning’ to depict a powerful message on the struggle of those who are in some sort of mental health problem. Both anxiety and depression can be a result […]

Horror Short INVOKE Evokes A Sense of Fear

Classic horror stories always evoke a sense of fear inside us as we get to know more about the characters, or the horrific incidents associated. Often, in the simplest stories, either there are some shocking endings or the situations too normal and relatable that our feelings push us into the fright zone. Horror short film […]

New Documentary Shorts on Netflix

For documentary film lovers, who are always keen to learn something new, documentary genre has been a go-to destination in many streaming platforms. And, when it comes to short documentary films, Netflix already has a few award-winning titles in its catalog. If you are new to documentary shorts, please start with the Academy Award® winning […]

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