Danny Stack’s Horror Short ‘Origin’: A Haunting Supernatural Thriller

Danny Stack’s Horror Short Film "ORIGIN"

Written and directed by Danny Stack, the 2010 horror short film “Origin” is an impressive supernatural thriller that follows a stressed mother who tries to keep her family together when her son falls ill from a mysterious creature bite in the woods.

Unlike many horror shorts and feature-length films, “Origin” doesn’t rely on jump scares or over-the-top ghostly figures to instill fear in its viewers. The story is simple, yet deeply emotional as we witness the Holmes family’s struggle with their uneasy relationships and the sudden tragedy that brings them together but is ultimately too late.  

‘Origin’ Film Synopsis

CLAIRE HOLMES (Katy Carmichael) isn’t appreciated by her boorish husband JIMMY (Lee Ross) and feels estranged from her teenage son FREDDY (Jack Blumenau). Whatever love once existed for this modest family has turned into a complacent routine.

When Freddy comes home after being bitten in the woods, Claire thinks it’s a straightforward dog’s bite. However, a supernatural disease takes hold of Freddy’s body, and he undergoes a disturbing transformation. Freddy’s admitted to hospital but soon afterward, he goes missing. In a desperate attempt to salvage their relationship and keep their family together, Claire and Jimmy rush to the woods to find their son. However, a startling reality awaits them.

In just about 12-minutes, the emotional depth in the performances of the three main characters beautifully brings the story to life. The film’s horror is at different levels – there is the horror of the boy’s pain and suffering, and then we have the parents who witness their son’s transformation with utter helplessness and without any explanation of what is happening to them. In the end, they realize what led to the situation and what they could have done better for themselves and their son.

“Origin,” which won Best Horror Short at the London Independent Film Festival in 2012, is now available on Vimeo. Overall, it’s a pleasure to watch, and the story quickly draws you in, leaving a haunting impression long after the credits have rolled.

Origin from Danny Stack on Vimeo.

Cast: Katy Carmichael, Lee Ross, Jack Blumenau, Alex Avery, Peter Landi.
Written and Directed by: Danny Stack

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