Sci-Fi Short ‘AERANGER’ – A Take on an Alien Race Searching for a New Home

Sci-Fi Short Film ‘AERANGER’ – A Fantastical Take on an Alien Race Searching for a New Home

Written and directed by independent filmmaker Anthony Ferraro, the science-fiction short film AERANGER narrates the tale about an alien race and their attempt to reach Earth in search of a surrogate planet.

In our constant questions on the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence or the possibility to build a colony on an alien world, AERANGER’s premise is solid in shaping our thoughts and driving our imagination. Within just a few minutes of clips and visuals, the film builds a story around the very origin of humans. Is it? Or at least, suggesting some links to modern humans.  


The film follows an alien (just like a human, no weird-looking being though) from a dying planet who crash lands into a prehistoric Earth. She is on a quest to find a suitable planet for her people to colonize in their desperate attempt to find resources and a new home. Being the lone survivor and critically wounded, she searches and retrieves a precious piece of cargo to complete her mission.

While the plotline looks simple, the presentation and the linking of this fantastical storyline with reference to some of the oldest trees and stones make it engaging.

However, the presentation of the scenic settings could have been a little more mysterious considering the story is based on a timeline that may go back to 5 million years ago. Yes, that is what if we consider the depiction of mammoth-like creatures in the film.

Anyway, leaving aside such nitty-gritty, including the use of the English language, we could not ask for more in a short film under a tight budget, and of course when the performance is good enough to keep us engaged till the end.

Watch AERANGER here …

Genre: Science-Fiction
Cast: Bobbie Breckenridge, Nick Kretz, and Damo Sultan.
Writer-Director: Anthony Ferraro
Language: English
Runtime: 13 mins
Release Year: 2019

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Where to watch Aeranger (2019)
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