Roy Huang’s Sci-Fi Short Film: “EVA”

Roy Huang’s Sci-Fi Short Film: "EVA"

Sci-fi short “EVA”, directed by Roy Huang, is a realistic take on the climate change and drinking water crisis that has pushed humanity to an uncertain future. The story here is a reminder of the future uncertainty and the present time when water is traded as a community and when not everyone has access to clean water.

In “EVA”, a father plans a heist to steal a portable water filtration device from a tech company founder to help his ailing daughter. However, simplistic as this may sound, the film highlights one of the most relevant contemporary issues i.e., the rights to safe drinking water.

In general, it has already been affecting every continent; the availability of safe water is a critical problem, and for this, the whole world as a community should come together to manage its demand.

So, as far as the direction is concerned, the film is indeed good that is well-backed by great performances. Within its short span, “EVA” was able to present the real issue with glimpses of characters with a personal touch, and the fact that water is increasingly becoming a tradable community and how profit-making by corporates has pushed this away from us as basic human rights.

Like many other sci-fi short films from DUST, this one indeed is a great watch. You may stream “EVA” on DUST’s official YouTube channel.

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Director: Roy Huang
Actors: Matthew Jayson Cwern, Roy Huang, Jennifer Sun Bell, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons
Channel: DUST (YouTube)

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