“Days Left Behind” – A Hindi Language Zombie Short Film

Days Left Behind” – A Hindi Language Zombie Short Film

Zeeshan Ali Dossa’s Hindi language zombie short film “Days Left Behind” has achieved something that many Indian feature-length films have failed to deliver in the genre. The film follows the struggle of a man who is striving to survive in a post-apocalyptic India.

Movie Synopsis:

A man struggles to survive in a post-apocalyptic India, where the World has been devastated by a deadly virus that turns people into wild cannibalistic creatures, until one day he comes across an abandoned car.

With minimalistic drama, action, and dialogues, “Days Left Behind” builds its story with great cinematography and background score. While the focus is on the man confining himself to an apartment with limited ration, the story swiftly takes a turn by introducing another character when the man hears the loud noise of a car crash. Director Zeeshan Ali Dossa very intelligently takes us through the possibilities of what could have happened from here onwards.

As far as zombies are concerned, it’s only revealed in the second half of its 22 minutes runtime. Nevertheless, the film shines with cinematography, direction, and performances. Considering it’s an indie film with limited resources, we could not have asked for more. Kudos to the team.

Watch “Days Left Behind” on Pocket Films – Indian Short Films’ YouTube Channel

Cast & Crew:

Cast: Aaryan Deshpande, Shreya Singh
Director: Zeeshan Ali Dossa
Producer: Saiqua A Dossa
Cinematographer/DOP: Aryan Sadotra, Christo Joy
Editor: Mayuresh Kharwade
Music: Rahul Mehere
Runtime: 22 mins
Year: 2021

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