Stenzin Tankong’s Ladakhi Short Film ‘Sekool’  

Stenzin Tankong's Ladakhi Short Film 'Sekool'

Indie filmmaker Stenzin Tankong directs the short film ‘Sekool’ that captures the very essence of a nomadic tribe ‘Changthang’ mainly residing in the high-altitude plateau in Ladakh, India. The film has been recently screened at the Himalayan Film Festival in Ladakh.

Set in the remote region of the Himalayas, ‘Sekool’ follows a kid from the tribe, who is excited to go to school, until he learns that it would mean leaving behind everything he loves.

The filmmaker Stenzin in one of his media interactions said that the film is his effort in portraying the simplicity of the wants of every human being, despite their diverse social, cultural, economic, and geographical backgrounds.

‘Sekool’ is currently being screened at selected film festivals around the world.

Here is a short clip from the film ‘Sekool’

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