Month: August 2020

‘Chemical Hearts’ Movie Review – A Teen Romantic Drama, A Journey of Self-Discovery

CHEMICAL HEARTS is a new romantic movie, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Based on the novel Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland, the film is a coming-of-age high school teenage melodrama that has a beautiful story with interesting characters, emotions, and a universal appeal. Directed by Richard Tanne, the film stars Lili Reinhart (Riverdale, […]

Mystery-Adventure ‘Enola Holmes’ Comes to Netflix on Sep 23

Among most of the movies that either now have deferred theatrical release dates or are pushed to be premiered on streaming platforms, Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill starrer ‘ENOLA HOLMES’ finally gets a streaming date on Netflix i.e. September 23. As per the trailer, the Emmy nominated actress (for her role as Eleven in Stranger […]

THE WRETCHED: Teen Horror Brings An Evil Witch From The Woods

Looking to catch a quick horror tale with the usual flavor of gore in the presence of a monster? Here is THE WRETCHED, a fast-paced horror thriller written and directed by Brett Pierce & Drew Pierce (the makers of Deadheads). While the film is not all unique in terms of content or treatment, it is […]

‘Legend of The Muse’ – Horror Drama Based on an Irish Folklore

Written and directed by John Burr, ‘Legend of The Muse’ is a horror drama based on an ancient legend in which a painter draws inspiration from a mythical spirit that may or may not be his muse. While the film is not that thrilling or horrific in terms of jump scares or supernatural occurring, it […]

SAVE ME – Short Film Highlights the Devastating Reality of Wildlife Poaching

Iranian writer-director Mohsen Nabavi’s 2017 short film SAVE ME establishes the fact that how we have destroyed wildlife and how we must all be sensitive enough to preserve nature and protect wildlife. The film very beautifully tries to bring our attention by making us both the hunter and the prey. There is indeed no better […]

BBC Stories Documentary “The Stranger at My Brother’s Grave”

There are our friends, family members, and loved ones whom we can never forget for decades as their loving memories stay with us for long even after they have gone. The BBC Stories’ 2017 documentary “The Stranger at My Brother’s Grave” establishes this fact by bringing the story of boy scout Karl Smith who died […]

Paydirt (Trailer) – Starring Luke Goss, Val Kilmer – Releases on August 7

Written and directed by Christian Sesma, ‘Paydirt’ is exactly what we may expect – as in a fast-paced crime thriller with a heist story attached to it. How different it will be from the many such cliché-filled action films will be something we would like to see. And, of course, this is Val Kilmer’s first […]

Sam Neill’s Funny Quarantine Short ‘Das Farmilee’

Set possibly in a post-Corona near future, in this very short film ‘Das Farmille’, actor Sam Neill turns into a cat as he lands in a home looking out for work. Under the banner Cinema Quarantino, these days Sam Neill is busy creating several short films. For ‘Das Farmilee’, he posts on twitter: “Cinema Quarantino […]

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