Paydirt (Trailer) – Starring Luke Goss, Val Kilmer – Releases on August 7

Paydirt (Trailer) – Starring Luke Goss, Val Kilmer – Releases on August 7

Written and directed by Christian Sesma, ‘Paydirt’ is exactly what we may expect – as in a fast-paced crime thriller with a heist story attached to it. How different it will be from the many such cliché-filled action films will be something we would like to see. And, of course, this is Val Kilmer’s first film after his two-year-long battle with throat cancer.

‘Paydirt’ follows a parolee Damien a.k.a The Brit (Luke Goss) who after coming out of prison is in search of a hidden bag of money which he and his group had stolen during a heist when a DEA bust went south and he was caught.

However, he was never handed the right punishment as the money was not recovered by the cops. Sheriff Tucker (Val Kilmer), who is now out of job, is still hoping to prove that he was right about the heist and hence tracking The Brit.     

Director Christian Sesma (Vigilante Diaries, The Night Crew) has quite a few B-movie style action flicks to his credit, and ‘Paydirt’ at least promises the same if not anything different. For those of us who are into old-fashioned action films, this might be a good one if it offers good performance and drama to the story. Well, Kilmer has done such things before, so let’s wait for his appearance in yet another crime tale.

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Here is a sneak peek of the film ‘Paydirt’

‘Paydirt’ is scheduled for an August 7, 2020, limited release in the United States followed by VOD by September.

Let us know your review in the comments if you get to watch ‘Paydirt’.

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