Sam Neill’s Funny Quarantine Short ‘Das Farmilee’

Sam Neill’s Funny Quarantine Short ‘Das Farmilee’

Set possibly in a post-Corona near future, in this very short film ‘Das Farmille’, actor Sam Neill turns into a cat as he lands in a home looking out for work.

Under the banner Cinema Quarantino, these days Sam Neill is busy creating several short films. For ‘Das Farmilee’, he posts on twitter:

“Cinema Quarantino presents its most ambitious massivest budget feature DAS FARMILEE, an excoriating commentary on the times, an all action sci-fi horror.”

As we can watch in the film, the near future shows a world where artists have been abandoned and they have taken to roads looking out for work, in fact, any work. However, it seems – the world is still a mysterious and scary place.

Starring Rachel Ward, Bryan Brown, Van (the cat), and Sam Neill, ‘Das Farmilee’ is one of the few short films Sam Neill has acted and produced as a part of his ongoing cinema quarantine series. While these are based on absurdist themes, yet quite funny shorts.

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