BBC Stories Documentary “The Stranger at My Brother’s Grave”

BBC Stories Documentary “The Stranger at My Brother's Grave”

There are our friends, family members, and loved ones whom we can never forget for decades as their loving memories stay with us for long even after they have gone. The BBC Stories’ 2017 documentary “The Stranger at My Brother’s Grave” establishes this fact by bringing the story of boy scout Karl Smith who died of drowning back in 1947 during a camping trip. However, a mystery always puzzled the locals, including Karl’s sister, that someone keeps leaving messages and flowers on Karl’s grave in Prestbury.

Despite his sister Ann Kear’s best efforts, the identity of the visitor has never been revealed. So, who is the person who even after many decades holds the memory of then 12-year-old Karl; keeps visiting the grave; and even writes poems for the memories of Karl? Journalist Camila Ruz joins the sister of Karl, Ann Kear – who was only seven when her brother Karl drowned.

Of course, 70 years later it was nearly impossible to remember everything about her brother, but Ann always wanted to know more about her brother and how he was like. So, after decades there is only one person who she thinks can tell her more about Karl. Yes, the anonymous visitor who is leaving things on Kar’s grave for up to 70 years.

Watch this beautiful little story that is indeed emotional and proof of the fact that how little things, loving friendship, and those beautiful memories matter in our lives. And, in this story on Karl Smith – it is certainly true that in such a short life, Karl left that much impact in others’ lives.

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