OUTRAGE: An Action-Packed Thriller

OUTRAGE: An Action-Packed Crime Thriller (Coming in 2020)

OUTRAGE is an upcoming action-thriller that promises exciting action sequences, featuring martial arts and acrobatic stunts. This indie film directed by Sandeep JL is slated for a Spring 2020 release. Here is the first look movie poster along with some additional details of the storyline and cast.

Like many modern action-thrillers, the storyline of OUTRAGE follows an unfortunate incident – here, a college fight between two groups of girls that later results in the kidnapping of some girls by a biker gang.

The biker gang, led by some mafias, demands a huge ransom in exchange for the release of the girls. Mike, a girl’s father, tries to find his daughter but for no success. He then reaches out to one of his old friends, who himself is an organized crime lord.

This premise seems intriguing and sets the tone for a fast-paced action thriller. It would be interesting to see how the makers have come up with the overall narration and, of course, the action sequences that ought to be the star in such films.

Considering the fact that in the past few years, we have seen some great independent films of varied genres, we expect OUTRAGE to be one of those interesting ones. Moreover, audiences have also evolved a lot more in appreciating real talent from indie cinema.

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One of the interesting aspects of the film is its action, as it promises a lot more martial arts choreography. From those many films of the 70s/80s to the likes of “The Raid” film series or the 2018-released Netflix’s ultra-bloodshed action fest “The Night Comes for Us”, action films have always been popular.

Well, one thing I must accept is that as a movie geek, I am not just interested in mainstream Hollywood or those many coming straight out of Hong Kong cinema, there are certainly many other good martial arts films with good action and storytelling. So, let’s wait and see if OUTRAGE would live up to our expectations. 

The film is scheduled to be released in March 2020.

Additional Details on OUTRAGE

As per the makers: “OUTRAGE is packed with high-end action sequences which include lots of gun shootouts and top-end car chase scenes. The film is filled with lots of martial arts-based fight sequences. These fights are Hong Kong movie-style realistic fights which are not usually seen in Hollywood.”

“The fight sequences are world-class which will make a major impact on the martial arts film category in Hong Kong and Hollywood,” says the director Sandeep JL, who is also a martial artist and fight choreographer for many other films.

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Written, Directed & Produced by Sandeep JL

JF Davis as Mike, a retired army man whose daughter gets kidnapped by the biker gang
Chaz Taylor as Tug Boat, Right-hand man of the Hardcastle family and lead biker
Sandy Dutchak as Billy Hardcastle aka Blade. Elder son of William Hardcastle
Bryan Self as Max Hardcastle, younger son of William Hardcastle
Johnnie Owen as an ex-arms dealer
Sandeep JL as Victor
Larissa Dali as Amber

Cinematography: Ken Dinh
Production company: JL Films
Release Date: March 2020
Country: United States
Language: English

Actor JF Davis is also the director of the upcoming indie horror film “The Demons Within”.

OUTRAGE: An Action-Packed Crime Thriller (Coming in 2020)
OUTRAGE – First Look Poster
Where to watch Outrage (2010), Original Title: アウトレイジ
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