The Demons Within: Upcoming Indie Horror Film

The Demons Within - Indie Horror Film

Directed by Jeff Davis and written by Roberta Griffin, the upcoming indie horror film “The Demons Within” has a unique storyline, as it revolves around a cellphone of a troubled teenage girl. The film is said to be based on real-life events when demons possess a young girl by infesting her cellphone.

In recent times, we have watched many movies on possession and exorcism but most failed to impress with the overdoing of horror clichés. This one we hope would be different, as it certainly has an interesting plot. So, while we have obtained enough details of the story, we are unable to share more in order to keep the interest alive until it gets released.

We are excited about the development of this project, and we would like to share a summary of the story:

“The Demons Within” follows Isabelle, a 17-year-old girl, who is coping with depression and often having weird thoughts of suicide. Her doctor parents are busy and do not even notice her struggle. She tries to consult a spiritual therapist she finds online.

Her interaction with the supposed therapist goes wrong from where she rushes out and soon starts experiencing being watched and followed by someone. There on her life becomes more complex and she gets traumatized by some unseen force, as she starts receiving strange messages from someone unknown.”

It is said that when someone becomes mentally weak and vulnerable, s/he can easily be influenced by external forces. Same in the case of Isabelle as we see her troubled life that prompts the evil to take over her life.

“The Demons Within” sounds interesting with the concept of evil infesting our mind through a cellphone. The film has possession and possibly of something like an exorcism to drive away the evil spirit.

We appreciate indie filmmakers the amount of work and talent they put in their projects. Hence, we just wish that this film turns out really good and manages to give us the creeps.

Here is a teaser of “The Demons Within”:

Director: Jeff Davis

Writer: Roberta Griffin

DP/Cinematographer: Stephan St. Peter

Producer(s): Jeff Davis, Stephanie Hensley, Erin Hensley, Cody Hesseling and Taylor Hesseling

In association with: Chances are Productions

Release Date/Year: Awaited(?)

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