Escape Room (2019): Movie Review


Director Adam Robitel’s (Insidious 4) thrill ride “Escape Room” is not entirely a rip-off of the likes of “Saw” and “Cube”. Let’s give it some credit, as the makers have at least tried to develop the storyline with interesting characters from different backgrounds.

Six strangers with mysterious puzzle boxes get invited to participate in a video game-like escape room contest and win a prize of $10,000 if anyone finds their way out. Shortly after they all arrive at a mysterious abandoned building, they realize that the game has already begun with no fun but fatal events to the core.

Escape Room has puzzles to solve before they move to the next round/room or perish on the way. Each participant must try their best to use their knowledge, experience, and wits to find the clues, but they should remember that the clock is ticking, heightening the survival situation.

As we know to be the nature of the game, some go by money and some for that adrenaline rush and adventure, nonetheless the escape room game in the film offers all the realistic thrill except the fact that it follows fatal series of events and there is no way back.

The plot of the film looks interesting, and the fact that each participant is very carefully chosen with their individual backstory makes it even more engaging. The panic inside each room offers a nail-biting ride and very likely would be interesting to those who never have experienced any such escape room video games.

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Nevertheless, one thing many of us might like is that the film is not gory as we expected in the beginning. Sometimes, keeping everything simple with more focus on the onscreen tension works well for the narrative than excessive blood. Also, most of the actors performed well to make the situations believable.

The film, however, could have a better ending but the makers have other plans to come back with a sequel. It would be interesting to see how the storyline progresses and whether it would live up to the level of curiosity.

So, if you have not watched the film, give it a try on any streaming service or DVD. The film has enough suspense, thrill, and fun to make it a perfect weekend watch. Here is the “Escape Room” movie trailer along with extended clips.

Escape Room – Extended Clip & Other Details

Director: Adam Robitel
Story: Bragi Schut
Starring: Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Deborah Ann Woll, Tyler Labine, Nik Dodani, Jay Ellis, and Yorick van Wageningen
Genre: Thriller
Release Date/Year: 4 January 2019

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