Month: May 2019

More to the story of John Wick, next planned for 2021

Keanu Reeves’ “John Wick 3” (John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum) is doing great at the box office and the online media is abuzz with the possibility of a fourth installment in the franchise. Started back in 2014, the film franchise has a dedicated fan following with amazing action and interesting plot i.e. driven by […]

Neeson to star in action-thriller “The Minuteman”

After his last critics’ choice “Cold Pursuit,” action hero Liam Neeson is all set to star in the new action thriller “The Minuteman”. The film would be directed by Robert Lorenz (Trouble With the Curve). As published in The Hollywood Reporter, “The Minuteman” follows a retired Vietnam veteran who finds himself responsible for the life […]

Netflix’s LEILA (Trailer) – Based on a Dystopian India

After receiving rave reviews for its two Indian web series: Sacred Games and Ghoul, Netflix is bringing yet another Indian series with the six-episode long “Leila”. This will premiere on June 14, 2019. Based on the fiction novel of the same name by Prayaag Akbar (released in 2017), the story is set in a dystopian […]

YOUR SON (Tu hijo), Spanish Movie (Review)

Spanish movie YOUR SON (original title: Tu hijo) is a gripping thriller with a tightly written story about the bonding between a father and son, the sadness of losing someone, and the anger when one sees that justice is not always served by the legal system. While the film is a mixture of suspense and […]

LUPT – Yet Another Forgettable Bollywood Horror Film

After watching the Jaaved Jaffery-starrer Bollywood horror film LUPT, most of us would be disappointed with the fact that there is no genuine effort to come up with an original story that can generate scare on its own. If we leave aside films like “Tumbbad” and “Pari”, both released in 2018 — Hindi filmmakers have […]

THE SILENCE (Review) – Netflix’s ‘A Quiet Place’

With the latest Netflix thriller, THE SILENCE, we might wonder why the makers are trying hard to overexpose an idea that’s already been explored by others. Yes, we have watched films like “A Quiet Place” and “Bird Box“, but this one from the director John R. Leonetti (“Annabelle”) has no originality. THE SILENCE is yet […]

FINAL STOP – A 3D Audio Thriller (Short Film)

With director Roxanne Benjamin, Sennheiser produces this short thriller FINAL STOP that is entirely shot on a smartphone. The audio recording using Sennheiser’s AMBEO Smart Headset is the star, as in every horror or thriller movie, the surrounding sound heightens the experience. Many emerging young filmmakers are now trying to use whatever tool they have […]

KAJAL (Short Film) – Highlights the Need of Women to Defy Norms

Paakhi Tyrewala’s short film KAJAL is a great story depicting the struggle for survival and transformation of a woman from the constant subjugation in a male-dominated society. The film talks about confidence, empowerment, and the need to assert the rights of women, even at some point the need to express rage. From the very beginning, […]

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