YOUR SON (Tu hijo), Spanish Movie (Review)

Spanish movie YOUR SON (original title: Tu hijo) is a gripping thriller with a tightly written story about the bonding between a father and son, the sadness of losing someone, and the anger when one sees that justice is not always served by the legal system.

While the film is a mixture of suspense and revenge drama with few twists embedded in the story, it is also a great character study with a realistic portrayal.

YOUR SON (Tu hijo) – Movie Synopsis

Jaime Jimenez (Jose Coronado) is a surgeon by profession who lives a quiet life with his wife and two college-going kids. In the opening scene, we see him saving the life of a boy in the emergency room. Nevertheless, he too has a son with whom he shares a strong emotional bond.

When his son is sent to a coma battling for his life, Jaime finds it difficult to accept what has just happened. So, he tries to get to the bottom of the incident, as the police seem to have not acted swiftly and justly.

As a father, who always tries to do everything good for his family, Jaime follows the lead and learns about the culprit. The story then turns into a revenge thriller, but there is more to what he searches for and what we finally see on screen.

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YOUR SON (Tu hijo) is one of those films which is more precise in storytelling and gives the actor enough scope to live the character that at times looks simple and one-dimensional, but the next moment very much complex as the nature of humans.

From the story, narration, and acting to cinematography, we see amazing teamwork with direction from Miguel Ángel Vivas. Jose Coronado (as the protagonist doctor Jimenez) delivered an emotive performance filled with rage and pain.

With the use of the emotions of a father and heightened tension, the movie instills sympathy in our thoughts that in turn helps the makers in developing suspense and making the film intriguing. YOUR SON (Tu hijo) is a must-watch as the story is gripping and certainly not predictable.

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