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‘The Fury of a Patient Man’ – More Than Just a Revenge Drama

Released in 2016, Spanish filmmaker Raúl Arévalo’s thriller ‘The Fury of a Patient Man’ (Original title: Tarde para la ira) is probably one of the finest in the genre-bending exercise. Antonio de la Torre’s performance, remarkable characterization in a tightly written script, and a swiftly paced narration make it a must-watch. The film’s English title, however, […]

YOUR SON (Tu hijo), Spanish Movie (Review)

Spanish movie YOUR SON (original title: Tu hijo) is a gripping thriller with a tightly written story about the bonding between a father and son, the sadness of losing someone, and the anger when one sees that justice is not always served by the legal system. While the film is a mixture of suspense and […]

‘Animas’ (2018) – Spanish Psychological Thriller (Review)

Now available for streaming on Netflix, ‘Animas’ is a Spanish psychological thriller that follows a teen who is having an eerie vision of a woman figure. Things become strange and weird with persistent spooky sights, as she struggles to cope with reality and a nightmarish world. Spanish psychological thriller ‘Animas,’ written and directed by Laura […]

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