Tuck Me In – The best one minute horror film

Tuck Me In - Short Film

Last updated on April 3rd, 2018 at 12:30 pm

What’s the best story you can come up with just few lines? I guess it’s not always possible but here is Tuck Me In – this year’s winner of FILMINUTE, the international one-minute film festival.

Based on an already known story doing rounds on internet, Tuck Me In has enough to scare you to death. Well, there are many horror films of recent times with kids and dolls as stars, including “The Conjuring” and the recent one “Annabelle,” but this one is very creative in just 60 seconds.

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The best part of the film is that unlike other horror films where people usually jump out of the place or run away from any supernatural or weird happening, here the man actually went blank knowing the fact that one of the kids is his son… but which one?

First let me give credit to the original storyteller Juan J Ruiz who posted this on Reddit a year ago. 

DIRECTOR – Ignacio F. Rodo
BASED ON A STORY BY – justAnotherMuffledVO (Juan J.Ruiz)

FILMINUTE is the international one-minute film festival that challenges filmmakers, writers, animators, artists, designers, and creative producers to develop and submit the world’s best one-minute films. The 9th edition of the film festival has just concluded.



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