Don’t Blink (2014) – One vanishes as other blinks

Dont Blink (2014) - A psychological horror film

I guess this is one of the finest supernatural thrillers I have watched in recent times. The idea of horror movies is to make us aware of the fear inside us by bringing us to face some unknown entity or supernatural power, but not necessarily a ghost or some weird looking stuff. Don’t Blink is one of the rare movies that has touched the very essence, keeping things very simple yet innovative.

Many horror movie buffs may say that they have seen such movies before, but honestly filming a low-budget film at a single location and with an ensemble cast is praiseworthy. First time writer/director Travis Oates certainly channels the very little ambiguity that most of the time make us frightened.

The other reason to laud the director’s effort is that he manages to bring the best out of every actor. Everyone on the screen makes the story believable with their convincing performance. In fact, they all give the viewers a hell of time with intelligent and interesting sequence of events.


A group of ten young friends drive down to an unknown mountain resort for their weekend break but only to find the area completely deserted. With limited fuel in their cars, they all unwillingly decided to stay at the place and wait for help. Upon further investigation, they discover no trace of any living beings, not even birds, animal or insects.

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Just as they try to search for more clue and settle in, one after other starts vanishing without a trace. Yes, they start disappearing just before their eyes. Everyone wants to go away from the place, but the fear of being disappeared holds them together, until the last few blink to experience the terror.

The only thing for which you might feel a little letdown is the ending of the film. The director doesn’t provide an explanation for the disappearance. Nevertheless, this should not take away the amusement or horror you experience throughout the film. “Don’t Blink” is unique in its way and keeps you thinking till the end. The very fact that there is no reason for this to happen holds the creepiness intact.

Starring: Mena Suvari, Brian Austin Green, Joanne Kelly, Zack Ward, Robert Picardo, David de Lautour, Fiona Gubelmann, Leif Gantvoort, Emelie O’Hara, Samantha Jacobs, Curtiss Frisle, Boots Southerland
Director: Travis Oates
Genre: Supernatural Thriller

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