Where the Devil Hides (2014) – supernatural power or serial killer?

Where the Devil Hides movie

Where the Devil Hides (renamed later as The Devil’s Hand) is a supernatural horror thriller based on a small village of New Bethlehem, where an orthodox religious community (Amish) members are living under the supervision of elders with limited access to the outer world.

Living under the fear of a horrific prophecy come true, six girls born on the same day to different mothers will fight for their life to prove others wrong. As per the prophecy, one of the six girls will survive to see her 18th birthday to unleash the rage of devil on others.

While devote community elders insist on cleansing of girls before they turn 18, the mysteriously disappearing of those young girls one by one further make others belief the words of Elder Beacon (Colm Meaney).

To my view, Where the Devil Hides is more a thriller than horror. The director very cleverly keeps the suspense alive till the last minute without putting too much horrific elements on screen. Hence, it tempts the audience till the very last scene to actually know what’s happening in the village: is it some evil supernatural power or the acts of some serial killer as claimed by those girls.

Starring: Rufus Sewell, Anne Heche, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Colm Meaney, Thomas McDonell, Adelaide Kane, Leah Pipes, Jennifer Carpenter, Stacey Edwards, Ric Reitz
Director: Christian E. Christiansen

Genres: Thriller, Horror

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I started watching this movie after reading that Rufus Sewell is in it. He’s been a terrific actor and I have seen most of his earlier films, including the Dark City, A Knight’s Tale and The Illusionist. Nevertheless, I also loved the performance of Colm Meaney as well as Alycia Debnam-Carey (as Mary).  

Watch the Movie Trailer – Where the Devil Hides / The Devil’s Hand


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