Misfire (2014) – DVD release

The storyline of DVD-released “Misfire” goes like this: Johnny (Michael Greco) wakes up in a hangover state in his apartment Tijuana (Mexico) to find that his journalist wife Sarah went missing. Arrested by local police for the crime, he calls his brother Cole (Gary Daniels) for help.

Cole is a temporarily suspended DEA agent but also the ex-husband of Sarah. Always distrustful of his brother, Cole finally decides to search his ex-wife with the help of her photojournalist friend Gracie (Vanessa Vasquez).

What happens next is his tussle with a powerful businessman Raul Montenegro (Luis Gatica), who had been investigated by Sarah for his connection with drug dealers. As he tries to reach close to the whereabouts of Sarah, he must survive those violent gunfights in the streets.

Well, I don’t want to be rude, but this movie doesn’t entertain me at all. I mean how come anyone would ever imagine to make a movie like this with such a dull screenplay and no action sequence whatsoever. The only reason anyone would watch this is because of the drop-dead gorgeous female lead Vanessa Vasquez.

Right from the start, “Misfire” never really comes close to any action flick. The movie is so slow that you will fall asleep for sure. Thank god that it’s a DVD release; else I would have definitely cursed myself for going out to theatre for an hour and thirty-minute long feature film.

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Director R. Ellis Frazier failed to utilise the presence of former kick-boxing star Gary Daniels. In addition, the dialogues in the film were very dry, often with long pause. While I like the intensity of Daniels with his no-nonsense attitude onscreen, neither was there any characterisation nor was any background story development to keep up your interest in the film.

Starring: Gary Daniels, Vanessa Vasquez, Michael Greco and Luis Gatica
Genre: Action Thriller
Director: R. Ellis Frazier

Image courtesy: Official website – http://hannibalpictures.com/film/misfire
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