Month: September 2014

American Muscle (2014) – Movie Review

Honestly, ‘American Muscle’ doesn’t deliver what it promises long before with its trailer release. Although it’s a revenge saga with a hell of a lot of killings, the screenplay lets down the whole project. I mean how come you bear a movie with a lame script and not so engaging narration. Debutant director Ravi Dhar’s ‘American Muscle’ talks about […]

Good People (2013) – Based on Marcus Sakey's Novel

Based on Marcus Sakey’s 2008 novel, ‘Good People’ is an action thriller directed by Henrik Ruben Genz and written by Kelly Masterson. The film stars James Franco and Kate Hudson in prominent roles. Tom: We spent our whole lives being good, right? And what has it gotten us? Nothing. So maybe this money is a gift […]

Run Like Hell (2014) – No Thrill At All

Written and directed by James Thomas, Run Like Hell is just a lame thriller that doesn’t give you an ounce of thrill in the entire film. There has been no head or tail of this film other than numerous killing scenes by a group of fellows whose motives behind their psychotic acts remain unknown till the […]

‘Sin City – A Dame to Kill For’ (Movie Review)

Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (Sin City 2) is all laced with stylized narration in a visually stunning film noir crime drama. Before going deep into the storyline, I suggest you all to first watch the first part released back in 2005. I’m sure if you don’t like the first part or in […]

The Scribbler (2014) – Follows A Woman With Dissociative Identity Disorder

In the movie The Scribbler, Suki (Katie Cassidy), a young woman with multiple personality disorder, explains her condition to a cop and a criminal psychologist. While the cop tends to question her stories as lies, the psychologist tries to understand what actually happened as a cause of those deaths in that building known as a halfway house, resided by […]

Reclaim (2014) – A Thriller Starring John Cusack

Reclaim, starring one-time ace actor John Cusack is a film all about an American couple who falls in the trap of a most familiar adoption racket around the world. The film in the first 30 minutes looks an interesting thriller, but somehow remains entangled into its not so impressive narration and substandard storytelling. The story […]

Braveheart – About Scotland’s Struggle for Independence

These days, I have been hearing news about Scotland’s independence referendum, and hence it’s time to remember the 1995 epic historical drama war film Braveheart. Directed and produced by none other than Mel Gibson, this film went on to win five Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director. Although historians may debate about the historical accuracy […]

Brick Mansions – A ‘District 13’ With Paul Walker

“Brick Mansions” is the American version of French action film ‘District 13’ (or B13) which even stars one of its original actors David Belle as the real action hero and parkour artist. While most of the world audience has already watched the original version, this film is a onetime watch for Paul Walker — who […]

Maleficent (2014) – A Fairytale Starring Angelina Jolie

Contrary to the view of a few of my friends, I think Maleficent is indeed a good film based on a known fairytale. It’s a nice family film with brilliant visualization of a classic tale and one of Disney’s iconic villain characters “Maleficent”. Starring Angelina Jolie and directed by Robert Stromberg, this movie is a sheer beauty to watch. The movie, […]

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