Reclaim (2014) – A Thriller Starring John Cusack


Reclaim, starring one-time ace actor John Cusack is a film all about an American couple who falls in the trap of a most familiar adoption racket around the world. The film in the first 30 minutes looks an interesting thriller, but somehow remains entangled into its not so impressive narration and substandard storytelling.

The story of Reclaim starts with the American couple Shannon and Steven who decides to adopt an orphan after Shannon loses the ability to conceive after surviving a terrible car accident. They reach out to an adoption organization based on the island of Puerto Rico and even get to meet a 7-year old earthquake-orphaned Haitian girl Nina.

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While the adoption agency tries to arrange a passport for the girl, the couple is asked to stay few more days in the tourist city, but that ends up breeding more misery in their already troubled recent past. Their small stay in the beautiful town of Puerto Rico along with their daughter was short-lived until one morning when they found their daughter gone missing.

The movie focuses on the couple’s love for being a parent and their attempt to uncover a very dark underground child trafficking network in the name of adoption. While I like the whole set up and performances by Cusack and Rachelle, the narration was very clumsy. I must mention that the first half an hour is worth watching and so does the last 15 minutes with suspense that holds the curiosity.

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Nevertheless, Reclaim brings a different John Cusack. He is a surprise for me with this negative role. I don’t know why, but somehow I prefer him in more complex characters, although he seems good here. However, on the emotional front, which I feel, the film could have been more sensitive and performance-oriented.

Starring: John Cusack (Benjamin), Ryan Phillippe (Steven), Rachelle Lefevre (Shannon), Jacki Weaver (Reigert), Luis Guzman (Detective)
Director: Alan White
Writers: Carmine Gaeta and Luke Davies
Cinematography: Scott Kevan
Release Date/Year: September 19, 2014 (limited)

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