Maleficent (2014) – A Fairytale Starring Angelina Jolie

Maleficent – a true fairytale - movie review

Contrary to the view of a few of my friends, I think Maleficent is indeed a good film based on a known fairytale. It’s a nice family film with brilliant visualization of a classic tale and one of Disney’s iconic villain characters “Maleficent”. Starring Angelina Jolie and directed by Robert Stromberg, this movie is a sheer beauty to watch.

The movie, as we all know from the title of the film itself, tells the story of a powerful faerie Maleficent who lives in a peaceful magical land named Moors. Bordering the human kingdom, this land is an ideal place for our envisioned fairytale world where happiness is perceived with eternity and where usually nothing goes wrong.

The story on the screen then goes back to a flashback when Maleficent was a young girl who falls in love with a human farm boy named Stefan. While their childhood friendship was all good, blinded with ambition, Stefan stops seeing Maleficent as they grow old.

Meanwhile, upon sensing a growing power in Moors, the King of the neighboring human kingdom invaded Moors and Maleficent stood up to protect the forest and delivered a befitting reply with help from her tree-warrior friends.

The King after being defeated by Maleficent announced to his confidants to kill Maleficent if any one of them ever want to be his successor. Upon overhearing this, Stefan returned to Maleficent after a long time but with his evil intent that further turns the course of their love story and so does the life of Moors and the human kingdom.

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Overall, this is an amazing film for kids, and of course, with a new touch to the storyline of the old Sleeping Beauty, it will for sure give you an enchanting experience. One more thing, just watch this movie thinking of it as a Disney story and not any other fictional tale.

Lastly, if you have any doubt about Angelina Jolie’s performance, just watch this to know her acting prowess after a four-year-long gap. She has yet again delivered another finest performance after her last film The Tourist

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