Swiss Short Film ‘Burnt Fish Fingers’ (2011)


Burnt Fish Fingers (Swiss title Angebrannte Fischstabchen)  is the screen adaption of a short story by Swiss author Milena Moser from her book “Gebrochene Herzen oder Mein erster bis elfter Mord”, directed by Bettina Setz.

A young woman drives home from work late in the evening and suddenly recognizes the voice of her flatmate (whom she met on the street some three months back) on the radio. He’s consulting a psychologist because he’s afraid of the woman at whose place he’s staying. The psychologist advises him to move out. The woman’s world falls apart and she takes a decision…

The short film can now be seen online in full length. Check it out, feel free to send us your review.

Original Title: Angebrannte Fischstäbchen
International Title: Burnt Fish Fingers
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Starring: Lisa Brühlmann, Anouschka Fongione, Florian Steiner, Anja Lazzeri
Director/Screenplay/Editor: Bettina Setz
Running time: 9:11 mins

‘Burnt Fish Fingers’ is a very sweet short film which tells us that if we really love someone, we have to express our love without wasting time. For the approximately 8-10 minutes short film, this is an incredible effort with a set-up that requires no budget but readiness to work on this project. I’m sure, here the makers and actors are newbies in film-making but certainly have a great future.

Lisa Brühlmann in the film Burnt Fishfingers (2011)
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