Month: November 2016

ANTHROPOID (2016) – To Kill the Key Architect of the Holocaust

The wartime thriller ANTHROPOID is based on the extraordinary true story of “Operation Anthropoid,” (carried out on 27th May 1942) in which the Czechoslovakian operatives sought to assassinate Nazi SS (Schutzstaffel i.e. Protection Squadron) Officer Reinhard Heydrich — the key architect of the Holocaust. From the historical point of view, the film follows the people […]

Whisper of the Heart – Written by Hayao Miyazaki

Whisper of the Heart in Japanese Mimi wo Sumaseba, which literally means If You Listen Closely, tells the story of Shizuku Tsukishima, a junior-high school student who is struggling to find out who she is. The movie takes you on a journey through her imagination and daily life as she makes decisions that will ultimately […]

‘Children Who Chase Lost Voices’ (2011) – Makato Shinkai’s Vision is Gorgeous as Miyazaki

The 2011-released Japanese animated film is directed by Makoto Shinkai who draws his inspiration from none other than the acclaimed film director, animator, and masterful storyteller Hayao Miyazaki. We have found multiple titles for this beautiful film, including the original ‘Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo’, Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below, and ‘Journey to […]

Swiss Short Film ‘Burnt Fish Fingers’ (2011)

Burnt Fish Fingers (Swiss title Angebrannte Fischstabchen)  is the screen adaption of a short story by Swiss author Milena Moser from her book “Gebrochene Herzen oder Mein erster bis elfter Mord”, directed by Bettina Setz. A young woman drives home from work late in the evening and suddenly recognizes the voice of her flatmate (whom she met […]

Patriots Day (2016) – Watch the Movie Trailer

PATRIOTS DAY, directed by Peter Berg, is a drama based on the Boston Marathon bombing and manhunt. The film is primarily based on Casey Sherman’s and veteran Boston journalist Dave Wedge’s book “Boston Strong: A City’s Triumph Over Tragedy,” as well as some footage from the CBS television program 60 Minutes. Given the compelling subject […]

Hayao Miyazaki to return for the last time

Acclaimed Japanese film director and anime master Hayao Miyazaki will very soon return from his retirement for the last time to direct Studio Ghibli’s next. Back in 2013, the brain behind the films, such as My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away, had announced his retirement from feature-length movies. However, it seems the Oscar-winning director and […]

13th (2016) – Documentary Film Review

The documentary film 13th, directed by Ava DuVernay, starts with a piece of US President Barack Obama’s speech: “The United States is home to 5% of the world’s population but 25% of the world’s prisoners. Think about that.” 13th focuses on the very fact and issues about that, while the title of the film is derived […]

Quentin Tarantino To Retire After His 10th Film

If you don’t love the eccentric genius of Quentin Tarantino’s red-blooded genre epics, you’re not a big-time movie buff. This is indeed true as the Pulp Fiction director has created a style of his own that will be taken as an artistic piece of study for the next generation of filmmakers. Sadly, as per various […]

La femme et le TGV – Swiss Short Film

La femme et le TGV is a Swiss short film that premiered sometime back in this year’s 69th Locarno Film Festival and some other festivals earlier this year. Inspired by true events, it is a touching story between a lonely woman and a TGV train driver. Actress Jane Birkin is in the leading role. Storyline: Sometimes life […]

THE TRUST – Movie Review (2016)

Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood’s “THE TRUST” is as engaging and comic as it builds for an unlike moment of truth in the end. I know most these days many of us don’t expect much from a Cage film. However, knowing the fact that he is an Academy Award-winning actor (Leaving Las Vegas), there is […]

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