They Found Hell (2015) – Just an idea, no execution


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They Found Hell follows a group of college students who find themselves trapped inside an unknown place filled with horror and despair after accidentally opening a portal to another dimension through a teleportation device. Hunted by the inhabitants of this hell like place, they have to find ways to come out.

The concept of hell or paradise is there in every religion, but what you see in They Found Hell is a different thing altogether. Being a sci-fi movie, this is indeed a good idea to portray hell as an alternate world in another dimension, but somehow in the pile of gory and blood it never rises up to be that interesting.

“They Found Hell” is indeed watchable if you’re looking for something for a casual viewing in a weekend evening. This could have been much better with better CGI effect or for that matter with better development of a compelling storyline. Nevertheless, as a survival horror, sans jump scares, this is to certain extent amusing.

Dialogues and performance of few actors are not good enough when the situation onscreen demanded more than just terrified faces. One interesting thing which you must appreciate in this film is the make-up or costume that certainly elaborate the creepy situation onscreen.

Clip from the movie They Found Hell

Cast: Chris Schellenger, Katy Reece, Austin Scott, Kabby Borders, Mirela Burke, Laurie Kynaston, James Sobol Kelly
Director: Nick Lyon
Genres: Horror, Science fiction



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