Taken 3 (2015) – Review (time to end the saga)

Taken 3 Movie Review

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Liam Neeson’s Taken movie series have been very successful in the first two instalments as a must-watch action-thriller until the third one came with a very similar plot where CIA operative Bryan Mills who again has to haunt down the baddies who are now after him for xyz reasons. It seems Bryan has been living under some kind of curse so that he always has to confront those elements for one reason or other.

First (Taken, 2008), he tries to locate his daughter who’s been kidnapped in Paris by some human traffickers for sex slavery and ended up killing hell of a lot. Then (in Taken 2, 2012) he goes on to save his ex-wife in Istanbul, Turkey, from vengeful relatives of those mobsters whom he had killed in the first film. And now with Taken 3 Bryan has to do the same old things with his extra human skills to save his daughter after losing his wife to a group of Russian mafias in California.

As far as the story of Taken 3 is concerned, it’s very linear with no such character development, and probably that’s the reason Liam Neeson has sensed it not to be a part of the franchise in the near future. I mean how far can one stretch something so long to make three feature films from a one-off concept? I guess writer Luc Besson, who is also the producer of these three, certainly had to take few more years in developing a compelling plot than just jumping into another flick.

The first one directed by Pierre Morel was a surprise hit and probably because Liam Neeson for the first time emerged more as an action star. However, Neeson has been repeatedly exploring similar genre that makes it even boring to expect one more such film in the block until and unless the movie has some new tale to offer. Having said that, A Walk Among the Tombstones was indeed a good one from Liam Neeson as the film offers the more sensitive side of the character and not just his hard-hitting punch.

Of course, the story and direction both failed in the third and probably the final part of Taken series. Without going deep into the story of Taken 3, I must say that the film series was never about Bryan Mills’ daughter Kim or his ex-wife Lenore; it was merely the tussle between Mills and those baddies in all the three instalments.  Thus in the absence of a sensible plot, directed Olivier Megaton of Taken 2 returns to direct a noisy and floppy action drama. Let’s hope it all ends here!

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