DARC (2018) – Review – An Ultra-violent Gangster Drama

DARC (2018) MOVIE REVIEW - Action Thriller

I was looking for some Liam Neeson kind of slick action thriller and got this ultra-violent crime thriller DARC, now streaming on Netflix. Director Julius R. Nasso brings this action-packed, blood-soaked revenge crime thriller that goes with the likes of the Taken film series or Keanu Reeves starrer John Wick series.

DARC is actually dark and badass with loads of killing scenes but falls into its clichés. There is nothing new you see here in this film. The same old story of a bruised boy who grows up 20 years older to avenge the murder of a loved one.

Starring Tony Schiena as the principal character Darc, the film follows the man and his troubled past. The film starts with Darc bailed out of jail by an Interpol agent, who recruits him to find his daughter from the clutches of Yakuza criminals in Japan – who run a global human trafficking ring. 

Darc, who himself witnessed his mother’s murder at the hands of a Yakuza boss, gets close to the youngest Yakuja family member while trying to find the cop’s daughter. He, however, has to keep himself away from Yakuzas’ distrust in order to hide his past and follow his real goal.

DARC, as an action thriller, is fine with some well-choreographed action sequences, but the film lacks in drama and emotion. The backstory of the main character is very sketchy and not enough to extract more out of a very common plotline.

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The makers heavily depend on the action and the performance of its central character and never tried to focus on its supporting cast, even though there are a couple of good performances, including the old man as the Yakuza family head. With all its flaws, DARC is a watchable flick for its slick action sequences and few surprise elements.

If you want to give it a try, catch it on Netflix. Meanwhile, you may watch the movie trailer for DARC here.


Starring: Tony Schiena, Armand Assante, Kippei Shiina
Director: Julius R. Nasso
Genre: Action & Adventure, Mystery & Thriller, Crime
Release Date: May 1, 2018

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