Rahasya (2015) – Bollywood Murder Mystery (Review)


Director Manish Gupta’s Rahasya albeit is inspired by the 2008 infamous Aarushi Talwar murder case, the story is nowhere close to the actual events rather a fictionalized version of the whole incident. For the real Noida double murder case in which a 14-year-old girl Aarushi Talwar was murdered in her apartment, parents of the girl who are both doctors have been convicted in the case.

So, Rahasya opens taking the premise of the actual crime committed, but it’s not entirely based on the real events. The story in the film starts with the murder of a teenage girl Ayesha Mahajan. The initial investigation by the police finds all evidence pointing towards her father Sachin Mahajan. It was an open-and-shut case for the local police as they find Sachin being deeply disturbed because of the closeness of Ayesha with a Muslim boy.

Then comes CBI officer Sunil Paraskar (amazingly played by Kay Kay Menon) who starts digging more into the case and finds the dead body of a man hidden under the floor of Mahajan’s apartment. As the officer tries to go deep into the case by joining the dots of several events involving many close to Ayesha, what eventually comes out is one of those edgy classic thrillers.

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Kay Kay Menon as the CBI investigating officer played yet another great character with ease. All the supporting cast members have well-developed characters although few of those are bit clichéd, particularly the police inspector who carried out the initial investigation and also the nanny of the girl played by Ashwini Kalsekar, a little over the top with her constant sobbing. In addition, there are few great actors who absolutely go underutilized.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a good thriller, Rahasya is indeed a must-watch as generally in Bollywood movies the suspense doesn’t stay for too long with uneven narratives, but director Gupta has done a fabulous job in presenting the story with a fresh outlook. Moreover, you will also love the subplot inside the story, particularly the life of CBI officer Paraskar and what motivates him to follow the case so honestly.

Movie name: Rahasya
Genre: Crime thriller/mystery
Cast: Kay Kay Menon, Ashish Vidyarthi, Tisca Chopra, Mita Vashisht, Ashwini Kalsekar
Director by: Manish Gupta
Release Date/Year: January 30, 2015

Rahasya – Watch the Trailer

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