“The Labyrinth” – Korean Fantasy Horror Film Based on a Popular Game

"The Labyrinth" – Korean Fantasy Horror Film Based on a Popular Game

Based on a popular game of the same name, the Korean supernatural thriller “The Labyrinth” (Original Title – 화이트데이: 부서진 결계) follows a group of high school students who are terrified to death because of the presence of evil spirits in their school. In their attempt to save other students, they must fight the demons with the help of an exorcist as the school is sealed with some dark energy.

Directed by Song Hyun-Joo, “The Labyrinth” is set for an October 6th release in South Korea.  Here is a trailer for the film.

Movie Synopsis – “The Labyrinth” (화이트데이: 부서진 결계)

Hee-min recently moved to a new school, and on his first day, he falls in love at first sight with a girl named So-young. Hee-min happens to find So-young’s diary, and he decides to return the diary to her with Valentine’s day candy. To do so, on the eve of Valentine’s day, Hee-min sneaks into the school after-hours but eventually realizes that strange things are happening. Meanwhile, So-young, who came back to the school looking for her lost diary, and a few other friends also get locked up. Running away from the bedeviled souls, they try to find their way out of the haunted school. Will they be able to survive the night?

Genres: Horror, Fantasy
Cast: Chani as Hee Min, Park Yoo Na as So Young, Jang Gwang in a prominent role, Lee Seung Il as No Dae Young, Lee Hye Ran as Song Ah, and Woorin in a support role
Director: Song Hyun-joo
Country: South Korea
Release Date: Oct 6, 2021

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Where to watch "The Labyrinth" (2021)
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